Davide Edoardo Cassano

My Story

DEC, Davide Edoardo Cassano, is a young Italian draftsman and illustrator born in Turin in 1993 and who lives in Marsciano in the province of Perugia. His dreamlike and surreal drawings, all characterized by an almost obsessive attention to detail, are spontaneous creations of his imagination, which unknowingly collects the raw material of unexpressed emotions and thoughts and shapes it at will of images and stories. Each work hides a message, conceals a particular emotional or existential situation, encodes a certain meaning or more meanings that are often unknown to the author himself during the creative act and that are revealed only after the drawing is finished showing parts of his unconscious so far ignored or misunderstood by him. A bit like in dreams, spontaneous and sincere creations of the mind, When DEC produces a new design, it is as if it found a small piece of a large puzzle, which is added to the other pieces, which are initially scattered and disordered, but over time they seem to acquire their own logic and order, so much so that being able to put them together and assemble to form a very precise image. The image of himself, naked and raw, essential, true. Drawing for him is not a passion, but a real need.

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